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Vivexotic VX 36 Vivarium and Cabinet Winchester Oak

The standard VX terrestrial vivariums are available in 3 different sizes, all 18.5 inches deep and 21 inches tall. These vivariums are suitable for most common repltiles which require plenty of ground space.Each vivarium has a matching CX cabinet available to help lift the vivarium up and make it look like a piece of furniture.Features include toughened glass, ventilation, a solid back, cable access points and is easy to assemble.This Vivarium measures L 91.5 x D 47 x H 52.5cm.Decor is for illustration only and is not included.Vivexotic recommend that sealant is used to waterproof the vivarium. Simply run silicon along all inside joins and areas of exposed chipboard (such as cam holes) and leave overnight to dry.